Monday, January 18, 2010

A very special delivery

I think I mentioned in a post back on October 20, 2009, that my very special cousin, April, was expecting a baby girl this March. Well, this little baby girl decided that she did not want to wait until March to join her family. She decided that she was ready to come out - NOW! April's water broke last Wednesday and although the doctors tried really hard to make her wait a while longer, Baby Emery was not going to do it. So, she arrived 8 weeks early to meet her mom and dad! Everything went as well as could be expected and baby Emery Jameson Feickert made her debut Friday, January 15, 2010. Although she is a tiny little thing, weighing only 3 pounds, 3 ounces, she is a cute little thing and breathing on her own! Mom is also doing great, but is looking forward to her little bundle of joy coming home in the next few weeks.

Welcome to the world Baby Emery! Your cousins, Cameron, Bryson, and Noah cannot wait to play with you!

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