Sunday, February 14, 2010

The rest of our snowy weekend photos!

So, I thought I would post a few more of the snowy weekend photos I did not get to last week. It is hard to believe that we have now been blanketed by snow THREE weekends in a row here in NC. That just seems to never happen. The first round was impressive, the second... just a dusting with some sleet, and this weekend's was about 2 inches, but melted just as fast as it fell. I think I am officially ready for Spring now! I love the snow, but, I am ready for warm spring days....

This was our little family of snowmen that Bryson and I made the first day out of school. He thought it would be cute to make "our family" out of snowmen. I thought it turned out pretty cute too!

I have to also share that this was the best day our family has ever had sledding in the neighborhood. You might remember that in the other post I was talking about how the whole neighborhood seemed to gather for an afternoon of sledding fun. Well, our family's fun continued on into the evening. Doug and our next door neighbor, Earnie had "scouted" out a place near our neighborhood to sled at night! So, after a dinner of nice warm mac and cheese soup (I'll post that recipe later!), we got dressed again, piled in our cars and three of the neighborhood families set out to the "secret spot" for evening sledding! I have never seen my husband have so much fun with kids! They all had a blast! The snow had turned into ice and the sleds were flying down this hill! We had to use the car headlights for light, so by the time you were at the bottom of the hill, it was pretty dark! And they all loved it that way! That night Doug actually turned to me and said "that was the most fun I have had with the kids in a while!

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