Monday, February 1, 2010

Snowy weekend - part one

So, as we all know, we woke up Saturday morning to a winter wonderland! What excited little boys I had at my house! Bryson was just so excited to see the yard blanketed in the white stuff. He immediately asked if we could go out and make a snowman. It was only about 7am, so I said "not right now!"
Even though the snow was beautiful, the day was not. It was such a gray, overcast day Saturday. And the precipitation kept falling - all day! However, it is nearly impossible to keep little boys inside on a snowy day, as you may well know. So, we all ventured out for a brief look! Did I mention, brief!?! It was cold! COLD! And not so much fun because of the sleet still falling. The older boys stayed outside long enough to run the sled up and down the street about three times, make a snow angel, and taste the white powdery stuff on their tongues.
While Bryson and Cameron loved the snow, little Noah did not like sitting in it! Can you tell? Let me also share this disclaimer... Noah was layered about 12 layers deep in clothing BEFORE I sat him in the snow and he only sat for about one second, maybe two, and then I scooped him up. There was no harm to the little one and no frozen bottom!
Snowy weekend, part two, to come later!

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