Wednesday, June 2, 2010

back to the big dig!

Over Memorial Day weekend, our family, along with my dad, a.k.a "Granddaddy," took another trip to the big town of Aurora, NC. And, when I say "big town," I really mean "big town." Ok, maybe not. Aurora, NC is probably one of the smallest towns in North Carolina. There really isn't much to see in Aurora, except the PIggly Wiggly! However, every year during Memorial Day weekend, the town comes to life in a big way. They host the Annual Fossil Festival. You might remember this post from last year where we took a road trip in September to go fossil digging one Sunday afternoon. The boys loved it, so we decided we should return for the big festival. There are street vendors, a band, carnival rides, and the main attraction... three different "fresh" fossil digging sites. This year we had all three boys involved in the digging as you can see in the photos! And, I can definitely say, they all three had a blast!

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