Friday, July 23, 2010

fab find friday! post edited 8/3/2010

It's back... Fab Find Friday! I don't think I have done this for about two or three weeks now! So, it feels good to have a great item to share, thanks to a fellow blogger mom's suggestion! Amber sent me this email suggestion (thank you!) for a great Fab Find Friday item for free - yes I said FREE (isn't that a magical word?!) photo canvas! Simply go to the Canvas People and upload your favorite photo. If you choose only the 8x10 size, all you pay is shipping. That's it - the canvas is free! And, even the other sizes are ridiculously cheap! But, it seems to be only your first order. However, I will let you in on a secret that I "cheated" a bit and managed to get two free! I will let you know how mine turn out when they arrive in about another week or so.

*8/3/2010... So, my free canvases arrived today and I feel like I should share that they turned out horrible! One of mine was color and the other black and white. Both were so "off" in color it was bizarre! The black and white one turned out green and the color one is completely orangish/pink! YUCK! I checked back on two different computer screens to see the original photos. They seemed fine. So, there must be something about the way this canvas company transfers the images. But, why they would think either would be acceptable to me, is mind blowing?!!

So, my advice would be to use another canvas company. Unfortunately this deal IS too good to be true!

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