Tuesday, July 27, 2010

are you familiar with this?

I got an email the other day from a girl at our church who was sharing some of the great back to school deals that are out there already! Her info came from this site, Southern Savers. I had never heard of the site, but after checking it out, I realized it is fantastic for bargain shoppers here in the south! Enjoy!

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Steph said...

hey jenn! thanks for posting :) that is a great site! i am loving using coupons and ONLY buying things if they are on sale at the grocery store...our grocery bills have gone way down!!

thank you for your kind words about me going back to work, i know it will all work out, but i have to admit that i am VERY nervous!

i was trying to find your email the other day to email you and i guess i don't have it anymore, my email is stephaniek2804@hotmail.com

hope you're having a good week and we'll chat soon! :)