Sunday, August 1, 2010

fireflies and s'mores

Saturday night was our first ever "fireflies and s'mores" party! The vision was all the kids would be playing in the backyard in the tent, doing s'mores, catching lightning bugs... while the grown-ups enjoyed "beverages" and adult time on the lawn! Well , mother nature had another plan in mind because it rained..... all day! So, we had to "adapt" our plan slightly. We opted for indoor s'mores with an indoor s'mores maker, the tent set up on our screened in porch and the adults gathered on dining room chairs, as opposed to lawn chairs! But, the drizzly rain held off for about an hour, just long enough for the little ones to run around in wet grass and at least search for the lightning bugs! We managed to catch TWO! Better than none! However, I think the glow sticks and sparklers were a much bigger excitement than the bugs anyway!

I have to say a big thank you to Dani, from Daninotes who creatively designed this custom invite for me, which I LOVED! And, these cute little stickers that I used on the kids' goody bags were from Bugabooannouncements via

And, just to share... those funny looking "lollipops" sticking up out of the treat box in the photo are s'mores lollipops and they are so cute, so easy and soooo good! Simply take a lollipop stick, put two marshamallows on the top, dip in melted chocolate (I used almond bark), and then roll in graham cracker crumbs! It's that easy! It's like s'mores on a stick! Great for little kids!!!!


Emily said...

Thanks Mrs.Jenn for putting this awesome party\get together! I had a Blast! I know Everyone else did too!

Andrew's mom said...

You just love to find any reason to have a cute party (and buy adorable invites, favor tags, etc)!!!!!!! I wish I lived closer!