Tuesday, September 7, 2010

sticks, stones and spiders

About two years ago, Cameron attended a camp in Chapel Hill that took the campers to the Eno River one day for "Creekstomp." Cameron was hooked instantly! He came home begging for us to all go there as a family. I mean, what could be better than, river water, sticks, rocks, snakes and spiders???? Where else would a little boy want to spend an afternoon?!

So, for the past two years we have spent one afternoon during our Labor Day weekend at the Eno River. It is so funny to me to look at last year's photos and see how little the boys look compared to this year!

This year was so much fun to watch all three boys in the water playing with the rocks and sticks. Although our nature walk was not quite as exciting as last year (we saw a snake last year!), we did see turtles, a fish, and very large spiders! Oh, the fun of having little boys!!!

Before we left, we collected a few items for a "craft project." I'll post how that turned out later this week!

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