Friday, October 29, 2010

pumpkins and a party!

As I mentioned, the day after Bryson's birthday bash, we hosted our annual pumpkin carving party in our backyard! Yes, we truly are crazy. But, it was worth it to watch the little "ghosts and goblins" enjoying themselves in the backyard on an absolutely perfect Fall afternoon.

The invites went out a couple of weeks ago to neighbors and friends. This year, I again used Dani at Daninotes to create a very simple, modern design that I tied to mini pumpkins and delivered to each guest. Loved the way it turned out. Thank you again Dani!

The "tradition" is that we gather in the backyard, spread out and carve up our pumpkins. Some spooky, some friendly, some cute and some "kooky!!" It is always fun for me to see what each family comes up for their design. I have often thought maybe, as the kids grow older, we could start a "contest" for the pumpkin carving. It would be fun to award prizes in different categories. But, for now, with so many little fingers and toes running around, we keep the actual carving to the older monsters!

After some spooky treats, which this year consisted of chocolate dipped giant marshmallows, choco covered rice krispy treats, spooky lollipops, a candy corn looking veggie display, pumpkin cupcakes, pretzels, and witches brew, we enjoyed the old fashioned bobbing for apples! This seems to always be a favorite, a bit more for the boys, but a favor nonetheless. This year we also threw in a "ring the ghost" game. We made ghosts and stuck them in the ground so the kids could use rings to "hook" them like horseshoes. I think next year I may add pumpkin bowling!!!

Already planning and looking forward to next year's pumpkins!

What design did you carve on your fmaily pumpkin this year???????

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