Sunday, February 13, 2011

the kids treats

Oh.... this is why I love Valentine's Day with children!

Another of my very favorite Etsy shops, Daninotes, was the inspiration behind these little treats for the boys preschool friends this year. Dani posted about a card she did with a homemade heart shaped crayon attached. I LOVED the idea and had to "steal" it this year for Noah's friend treats. (Thank you Dani!!)

Then, for Bryson's friends at preschool I used his continued love of dinosaurs. I had Dani do the same card but put "you are dinomite!" on it. Then, we found small plastic dinosaurs and attached them to the card. He LOVES the way it turned out! It makes me smile!!!!

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Amber Risher said...

Awesome little non-sugary ideas!