Sunday, February 13, 2011

preparing the treats

This weekend was all about preparing little Valentine's Day treats for teachers and friends.

I was really excited about the way they turned out and the boys even said they were excited about giving them out tomorrow!

We took Valentine's Day mugs and stuck a couple of hot cocoa packets inside and them wrapped them all up. Then,we finished it off with the handmade tag saying "you warm my heart!" (I think an idea like this was in a parenting magazine some time ago but I cannot remember which one to give credit to)

We also took these little ceramic cupcakes that I found at HomeGoods. I filled the inside with chocolates and wrapped it all up. We finished this one off with another tag that read "thank you for being so sweet!"
*the tag on the cupcake that says "sweet" is from a great little Etsy site I have mentioned before called Lemonadepaperie.

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