Sunday, February 13, 2011

the sweetest thing ever!

Earlier this week Bryson had a little "problem" with his hands and really needed to put lots of moisturizer on at night time to help them heal. Well, this meant that he could not suck his thumb! Tragedy in my household at bedtime! So, I told him if he could not suck his thumb and make it through the night that I would fix him a super special surprise breakfast the next morning. He did it! And he got a super special breakfast!

So.... with Valentine's Day right around the corner, the boys decided that they wanted to do a super special breakfast for me and Doug. So cute!!! Saturday morning we woke to the sounds of dishes in the kitchen and the microwave going. Yes, the boys (minus Noah who was still in the crib!), were preparing microwave pancakes for me and toaster waffles for Doug. But, the super duper special part was they were drizzled in syrup and Valentine's Day M&Ms!!! LOTS of M&Ms!!! They put them on plates and then on my chargers and brought them to us - complete with milk and forks! It had to be the sweetest thing they have ever done together and for us!!!!!

And, the M&M message in the photo was on the counter for us when we went into the kitchen!

I love my little boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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