Sunday, March 13, 2011

seven hundred and thirty days

Seven hundred and thirty days ago today my life and the life of my family changed forever! Seven hundred and thirty days ago today, we welcomed little Noah Alden into the world. I could not have been any happier at that moment when my family went from a fam of four to a fam of five!

It is so true, what "they" say about the third child. They are the easy ones and the laid back ones! They have to be! Noah has been complete joy from day one. He is his own little person, even though he learns so much from his amazing big brothers.

Happy Second birthday my little Noah Alden! We love you very much!!!!

This weekend we celebrated his second birthday with a little boy kite party and lots of outside play time! Details on the party to come!


Andrew's mom said...

Okay, I'm dying to see these party pics so I can copy you again this year! Just Kidding about the copying, but I can't wait to see what great ideas you put together!

Amber Risher said...

Happy Birthday to your Noah! Sweet little one. The party looked precious, by the way! Always look forward to your amazing party planning skills!