Sunday, April 15, 2012

the "goods"on Easter

Photos of the Easter treats we created and enjoyed over the holiday weekend!

A little treat for family and neighbors.  Sugar cookies "hidden" in a cute little duck!

Easter bunny pizza kit!

My take on the Easter cake.  There has been a cake floating all over Pinterest lately featuring a cake using Kit Kat bars (in chocolate) around the sides and then topped with Reese Pieces!  Such a cool cake!  I used that idea and made my own version for Cameron's birthday cake (photos to come later on that!).  Then, for Easter, I took it a step further and created this little cutie!   Same idea with the Kit Kats, but used white chocolate version, then added "Peeps," chocolate Cadbury eggs, and a homemade handle.  Would have done the handle different though next time!

Love Easter treats!

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