Wednesday, April 18, 2012

our winner

Our fifth grader has been involved with our county's DARE (drug resistance program) program for the past nine weeks or so at the elementary school.  I did not grow up with DARE, so , I must admit, I was not that familiar with it when he started talking about it.

The more I heard Cameron talk about it and the excitement in his voice, I knew it must be a really good program for the kids.  Our instructor, a lieutenant with the Sheriff's Dept, was "off the charts" good with these kids.  They loved him.  He taught them, hung out with them, helped them at school with homework, really formed a relationship with them.  I think Cameron really developed a "connection" with Lt. Comar.

So, at the end of the program, the kids must take all the notes and info they have collected and form a written essay about the DARE experience.   These essays are read and judged.  There are classroom winners and ONE overall essay winner for the entire school.  This winner is recognized at the DARE Graduation ceremony and reads his/her essay for the audience.

So, I got a phone call the night before the ceremony that CAMERON WON!  I cried!   What is wrong with me?!  I cried!   I just felt like Cameron had worked so hard on this essay and seemed to "want" this so bad, and he got it!  He won!

The ceremony was so special and so great to watch.  And Cameron did a fantastic job reading his essay. I could not have read in front of all those people like that!

We are so proud of you Cameron !   You are always our winner!!!!!!

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Meredith said...

This brought back sweet memories. I was actually the essay winner when my 5th grade did DARE. I can remember, to this day, how special I felt and how shocked I was! I know Cameron felt the same way and that it will remain a special memory for him and your family! Congrats!