Friday, May 25, 2012

one afternoon on a farm....

Several weeks ago (actually during our Spring Break week), I took the boys to this local farm I ran across on the internet.  The lady that runs it has all sorts of animals.  The "main" attraction for me was the bunnies!  However, I think for Noah, it ended up being the baby lamb!

There were two baby lambs, and while I cannot remember their names, I can remember the little noise they would make when Noah would run after them laughing!   It was the cutest thing!   Noah would laugh and they would make their little baaaaaa noise!   Adorable!

And there were piggies!

And emu eggs!

And ten day old baby bunnies!  Yes, TEN days old!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch and the animals enjoyed our leftovers!

Great afternoon on the farm!

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