Wednesday, May 9, 2012

surf over for a sleepover!

Cameron's birthday was April 1st (Yes, April Fools' Day... try telling your husband you are in labor on April Fool's Day!!!!!!)  As luck would have it, we were able to do Cameron's birthday party (sleepover) on his actual birthday.

Of course, the theme of the sleepover had to be surfing!   Oh, my little beach boy!  The boys gathered the night before C's birthday and did the normal "eleven year old boy stuff"until time for dinner and cake.

I fixed the boys an "aloha lounge area" on our screened in porch that was a space just for them for the night.  They could play basketball (little brother's indoor goal) and listen to their music and "chill."  (Is that still a hip word, chill???)

I ordered surfboard shaped sugar cookies from Sunshine Bakes on Etsy.  They really were my favorite detail of the party.  They turned out so cute, I used them to add a little "bling" to an otherwise, plain birthday cake.  (Cameron does not like cake, so I never really put much thought into his cake.  He likes doughnuts and cookies!)  My leftover cookies I put in a mixture of brown sugar and something called demerara sugar that I found at the grocery that looked just like sand!

What's a surf themed party without sharks??!!

Strawberry filled white cake with the surfboard cookies around.

Happy Birthday Cameron!

We love you!!!

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