Sunday, December 6, 2009

Back from girls weekend!

So, I am back from girls weekend at the beach! I feel like I have not posted to the blog in months!!!
Girls weekend was great, except we missed Amy lots! It just was not the same without you Amy! We enjoyed lots of shopping, good food, rest, relaxation, pedicures, and did I mention LOTS of shopping!!!?? I have to say that if I lived near the Coach and Kate Spade outlet, it would be dangerous! But I am happy I put a big dent in my Christmas list!
Glad to be back though to my boys - all four of them! I have to share what Bryson said tonight at the dinner table after I got home. We were having dinner together and I asked Cameron what was the one thing he missed most about me while I was gone (this was truly just out of curiosity). He was very sweet and said that Gommy (my mom) did not tuck him in the same way I did. That made me smile. Then Bryson answered the question without even being asked. (He knows that if I ask something like that I am going to go around the table!) Anyway, he said, "Mommy, do you know what I missed alot?" And I said, "what Bryson?" and he said "I missed hugs... and kisses!!!!" I thought I would cry! I decided at that moment that he did not have to eat all of his peas, I was going to give him dessert anyway! Too sweet.

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