Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back to massanutten!

Over the weekend our family celebrated a BIG milestone! Doug.... aka..... "Daddy" around our house, turned the big 4 - 0! Wow! So, the boys and I surprised him on his birthday morning with a surprise trip Virginia to the Massanutten Ski Resort for a weekend of skiing! He had three hours to pack his bags and be ready!

We visited Massanutten two years ago as a family and loved it. (Last year we stayed in the NC mountains) Massanutten is located right outside Harrisonburg, Virginia and is the perfect ski resort because it has a great "kiddie" slope, snow tubing and a HUGE indoor water park! The boys were so excited we were going back this year.

Our trip to Virginia took a bit longer than anticipated on Friday.... about an hour longer to be exact! Ugh!!! We ended up driving through a blizzard! It was snowing so hard, we called the resort to see what the forecast was there for the night. It was not snowing there and everything sounded good. So, we ventured on and arrived.

We woke Saturday morning to about an inch of snow in Virginia! It was beautiful.. and made for extra good ski weather! Skiing Saturday was so much fun for the boys.... well.... all except Noah! We decided to put Noah up on skis and "just see." He was not at all happy to have ski boots on his little chubby feet. He kept saying "" When we put him up on the skis. he was just too unsteady on his feet and did not like it! So, don't let these photos fool you. He did ski about two times down a small hill with Doug behind him the whole time. But then the crying started and that was it! So, he wore his skis for about five minutes, probably five minutes too long in his opinion! We will wait and try him again in a year or so.

Noah did enjoy himself when he figured out he could throw snowballs at me while I was taking photos of the boys skiing. Too cute!

And... then there was the snow tubing! This was the first time any of us had been tubing. I have only one word... FUN! Absolute fun! Cameron and I went down first and just laughed and laughed at the bottom of the mountain. I took Bryson the second time and he LOVED it! The second we were at the bottom he said, "let's do that again!!!!!!!" But, along with the word fun, I have one other word to summarize Sunday in Virginia.. COLD! Bitter COLD!

Happy Birthday Doug!!!!!! We hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration weekend!

We are looking forward to skiing again next season.... hopefully when it is a bit warmer one weekend!

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Amber Risher said...

Looks like so much fun! I have been skiing once, so that didn't turn out so well..haha. I don't think my Noah would love it either. Great photos, though, and sweet suprise for your hubs!