Sunday, February 12, 2012

winter vacation

Last weekend we headed north for a little winter "mini" vacation and took the boys skiing.  Let's just say the weather was a little less than ideal.  We arrived Friday.  It rained... all day.... Saturday.  Sunday was a little better, at least not raining, but VERY misty and foggy.

We didn't get to ski Saturday, so we improvised, and had a family bowling tournament!

We put the older two in Ski School Sunday.  Actually, snowboarding!  They loved it!  Great skiwee program there.  Just like when Bryson was three and skied for the first time, he picked up snowboarding instantly... and loved it!

Now, Noah was on skis for the second time.  The first time did not go so well.  This time... well, it was a bit better!

He may have been the best skier on the slopes... but look at that face!

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